Website Verification

Obtaining Best Ranks

Website Verification

There are many factors that help in making a particular website or a domain successful. These factors include high quality content, simple and attractive website design, and a non-confusing domain sitemap among others. The main goal of website verification is to increase the traffic inflow to that particular website, in turn making the website popular. This will increase obtaining best ranks from the search engines. Generally website verification is done by the site's webmasters. It is their task to ensure that the site is optimized for the Google's search engine, and is error free.

Now, there are some tools that webmasters can use to ensure the optimality of their websites. Some of the most popular tools in this regard are Google Analytics, which is a part of Google webmaster tool. Such tools require the webmaster to register their website or domain, with Google to generate detailed statistics about their website. Tracking website statistics goes a long way in optimizing the site for the Google's search engine.

How to add Google Analytics to your Website

There are different ways to verify a website; the simplest online verification method is by simply adding a custom Google generated Meta tag to the index file. If you use the Meta tags that Google provides, all you have to do is simply put your index file right before the tag. The other method is by inserting a blank HTML document into your server's root directory. In this method you simply have to upload the html file with the custom name generated by the Google's software. This can be an empty file, just the name as to be same as generated by Google.

Once this is done, the Google analytics software would be able to successfully verify your website or domain and keep track of it daily, ensuring that it is still valid. The website verification is very useful for placing the site with high rank. The most interesting part of this tool is the fact that webmaster can view index statistics and popular search queries; leading to improvement and optimization of the website itself.

Alexa verification of your Website

Despite the fact that statistics generated by Alexa are very much Google dependent, webmaster must implement online verification by Alexa in their marketing plans in order to take advantage over competition. Alexa however includes features like - site thumbnails, detailed statistics, site's speed, sites linked to your website, and lastly the rank of your site on the internet. These unique features make it very useful and handy. Some of the more powerful features of Alexa help you with keywords in the content of your website; using this tool you can also view your competitor's articles and their linked sites as well. The first step to check whether your site is listed at Alexa is by entering your domain name. If your website is listed, go through the thumbnail, sitemap xml generator, site description as well as contact information etc and check if they need to be updated.